Corporate & Business

At FSG, our Corporate and Business Practice Group provides a complete range of services to assist businesses in their day-to-day operations, from the routine to the complex. We strive to provide practical solutions to the wide variety of legal issues facing our business clients. FSG’s Corporate and Business Practice Group handles all types of business transactions, including general business advice, contract negotiations, dealing with financial challenges, strategic acquisitions, as well as the restructuring or sale of businesses. Our attorneys have considerable experience and expertise in broad and varied legal and business issues, which proves valuable in counseling and assisting businesses of all sizes and types from start-up to maturity. We pride ourselves on our ability to deal quickly and efficiently, on a cost-effective basis, with all types of business issues.

FSG’s Corporate and Business Practice Group has represented an extensive and diverse group of institutional and entrepreneurial clients in almost every industry, including apparel, action sports, wholesale distribution, retail sales, manufacturing, real estate, and restaurants, just to name a few.  We have extensive experience in assisting and advising entrepreneurs, management, investors and in-house counsel in virtually all business matters.  While many of our clients are located and do business in Orange County, California, we also represent clients nationally and internationally.

We endeavor to provide personal and relevant service and develop long-term relationships with the clients we represent.  Our size and structure allows us to avoid bureaucratic protocols and to customize our representation to suit the specific individual and financial requirements of the client.  Whether your company is a start-up or an established multi-national company, our FSG Corporate & Business Practice Group attorneys have the skill and experience to provide personal and professional representation.

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