At FSG, we view litigation as a tool for achieving your business objectives.  FSG attorneys provide practical and constructive legal advice to achieve your business objectives in an economically reasonable manner either through seeking early, economically realistic resolution of disputes or through zealous advocacy in the courts.

Our Litigation Practice Group offers you a broad range of experience in all types of litigation.  We represent clients in federal and state trial courts and before local, state and federal administrative agencies.  FSG’s Litigation Practice Group has extensive experience in the courtroom before a jury and judge, as well as experience before the courts of appeal and before the United States Supreme Court.  FSG’s Litigation Practice Group is comprised of seasoned attorneys in all areas of dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

While litigation is unpredictable, FSG attorneys understand that to the greatest extent possible, you want to be in control of how your case is handled.  Although FSG has the experience and resources to handle large litigation matters, we recognize that not all litigation matters require a large team of attorneys to effectuate successful resolution.  At FSG, we present you with options and recommendations for achieving your business objectives based upon our training, skill and experience.  Our Litigation Practice Group works closely with you to identify your objectives and assist you in selecting the appropriate litigation strategy for achieving them.  Our comprehensive litigation experience enables us to successfully protect our clients’ interests and obtain excellent results.

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