Jennifer Stroffe heads “Capital Markets – How and Where Deals Are Getting Done” panel at Real Estate conference

IRVINE, CA, FEBRUARY 24, 2016 — The big question on everyone’s mind at last week’s Orange County State of the Market real estate conference in Irvine was what to expect in the year ahead.  Over 300 commercial real estate professionals attended the event.

Friedman Stroffe & Gerard shareholder and attorney Jennifer Stroffe, who moderated the “Capital Markets – How and Where Deals Are Getting Done” panel, said experts are divided on whether there will be a downturn in the commercial real estate market this year.  Her ad hoc poll of conference attendees was unanimous – no one expects a downturn in 2016! Jennifer’s panel members included: Brian Good, President, Eagle Group Finance; Jason Krupoff, SVP, Bellwether Enterprise; Kevin Kaberna, Senior Managing Director, Greystar Real Estate Partners; and Seth Grossman, Managing Director, Meridian Capital Group.

Carlsbad-based Meridian Capital Group managing director Seth Grossman said ”While we’re very bullish in California, this is the first time since 2011 there is reason to believe things are going to change.” In the past few months, lenders have pulled back on riskier deals, he said. “Lenders are imposing structure, so I think we’re not going to see the world end, not going to fall off a cliff this year, but there is definitely a change in the market, where small or less experienced players will not be treated as ‘institutionally’ as they think they deserve,” Grossman continued.

“Capital has become more selective, though not less available,” said LA-based Greystar Real Estate Partners managing director Shawn Hansen. He said the cost for capital is a little higher than the middle of last year. “We’re also seeing spreads widen—about 25 basis points and are using fixed and floating debt—more floating right now using the big balance sheet lenders.”

Jennifer also asked what factors or variables will impact the market in 2016.   Read an article with more details of the panel discussion.