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Posted by in Uncategorized | May 29, 2015

Litigation Practice Group: 

FSG’s Litigation Practice Group provides practical legal advice to achieve our clients’ business objectives in an economically reasonable manner either through early resolution of disputes or through zealous advocacy in the courts.

Current and recent matters that our Litigation Practice Group attorneys have handled include:

  • Corporate governance/control disputes: One recent case involves a company in which the owners are vying for full control of the company,  resulting in competing buyout demands and litigation.  Different iterations of such cases are very common and our litigators are adept in handling such member/shareholder/partner control disputes.
  • Premises liability:  In this case, FSG negotiated the legal maze that arose from a shooting in our client’s retail establishment.  Numerous plaintiffs have claims against various potentially liable parties.  Our work also involved working with insurance companies to obtain coverage and limit our client’s exposure.
  • Vietnamese/Chinese business disputes: FSG has a very active practice working with the Vietnamese and Chinese business communities.  Some recent examples:
    • Landlord/tenant:  Our client, a commercial tenant, leased property that was purchased by a new landlord, who subsequently attempted to change the lease terms.  Our attorneys were successful in maintaining our client’s rights while negating proposed increased costs.
    • Distributor/supplier: One of our recent matters involved representing a Chinese business client (manufacturer of a consumer technology product for a well-known U.S. company) in a distributor/supplier dispute with a former U.S. distributor. This case presented unique challenges because of international discovery procedures.
    • Royalty/licensing agreement: Another matter involved a dispute over payment of royalty fees under a license agreement between a small O.C. based microchip manufacturer and a large international manufacturer of technology products.  This three-year case involved numerous issues over the scope of the license and royalties.
  • Prop 65 representation: FSG has several matters pending defending consumer goods manufacturers and retailers regarding Proposition 65.  Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was intended to protect California citizens from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and to inform citizens about exposures to such chemicals.  However, the law’s reach is so invasive that it has become a tool to enrich a handful of lawyers at the expense of innocent businesses.  FSG attorneys have developed significant expertise defending and advising clients in these matters.
  • Unfair competition:  Deceptive or wrongful business practice suits run the gamut from everyday occurrences to extremely complicated disputes.  In this large, complex case, our client sued for breach of contract and unfair competition under a joint venture agreement with a much larger company.   The case involved supplier claims, financing arrangements and other terms that required highly sophisticated representation.

These are just a few of our recent cases.  Our attorneys represent business clients in a broad range of complex and day-to-day business disputes, including breaches of contract, real estate litigation, consumer claims and class actions, partnership and corporate control disputes, intellectual property, trade secrets, employment, breach of fiduciary duty claims, construction defect, product liabilities, professional negligence, unfair competition, mergers and acquisitions litigation, and other business disputes.

If you have any questions about our Litigation Practice Group, please contact Robert E. Adel, shareholder, at